04 November 2010

Oh, Rosie

Today, our little Rosie is recovering from the emergency surgery she endured yesterday. Oh, Rosie we sure miss you around here. We hope you’re getting some rest with the blanket we dropped off for you last night. Lilly has looked all over the house for you and Aiden has been talking about seeing you resting last night. Get better soon so you can come back home for awhile. We love you Rosie-Roo.
Our little “speed-bump”
After returning home from visiting Rosie at the vet last night:
Aiden: “Ro-iese, Ro-iese” Hollering in the yard and around the house for his dog.
Me: “Honey, she’s not here. She’s resting with the doctor, remember?”
Aiden: “Roiese, Blank. toes.”
Me: “Yes, we took the blanket to Rosie and covered her toes didn’t we.”
Aiden: Nods. “Roiese, rest.”
I love that little guy. And I love that he loves his dogs so very much!


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  1. awwww poor lil girl, glad she gets to come home today!!
    keep us posted....