12 November 2010

Late, but not forgotten

Please forgive me as I’m a day late in honoring Veteran’s Day, but it was not forgotten. The afternoon was spent with my husband, a veteran, and 5 others at our house for a Veteran’s Day, pre-Thanksgiving, please come help us eat our food up before we PCS dinner! It was nice to have some of the people who have filled our home with joy while we’ve lived here come one last time...and of course aid in not having to throw away food!
And I can’t go without beaming with pride on a day like Veteran’s Day, so yesterday I found a few pictures of the hubs in uniform. He’s almost half way to retirement, he’s re-enlisted a number of times, he’s been deployed twice, he’s about to be stationed overseas for the second time, and he’s working hard to become an officer. We are so grateful for the sacrifices he has made and continues to make for us to live this life. We also remember those who have served,  are now serving with him, and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. God Bless them all!
{deployed - OIF}

{deployed - OEF}

{Manchu Ball '08} 

 {most recent re-enlistment '09}

And I'll leave you with this video of a song that kept playing in my head yesterday...
...And don't worry...I've not forgotten about posting pictures of halloween festivities...

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  1. Hi There! I am so sorry I have not responded sooner to your comment. My blog is still TOTALLY a work in progress, and I am in Arizona visiting with family while our Soldier is doing his "thing" through the holidays. :) We absolutely LOVE Fort Richardson, and I would love to chit chat with you about your PCS anytime! :) Hope to hear from you! leslie.miritello@gmail.com