06 October 2010

Fun in St Louis

Since we've been living in Missouri we've heard about how great The City Museum in St. Louis is. I researched it way back and WOW! its such an amazing place. However, there's a lot to do there that Aiden wasn't really old enough to enjoy yet. When we found out we would be moving we wanted to make going a priority and even though Aiden wouldn't be able to enjoy all there is to do, he's now old enough to have fun and make it worth going to see. And boy did we see so much! The City really is an amazing place.  We spent hours there and still didn't see everything. THe building used to house an old shoe company and is huge (600,000 sq.ft.)! The website describes it as an eclectic mixture of children's playground, funhouse, surrealistic pavilion, and architectural marvel made out of unique, found objects. (and I couldn't agree more!!) I'm really glad we were able to make it to The City while we lived so close to St Louis. When we headed out that morning we had to come back home after making it halfway because Aiden got sick in the car. (Big thanks to Grandma who was in the back with him trying to control the craziness!) But after returning home to clean everything up and let him rest we found he felt fine and I'm so glad we attempted to make the trip back because we had a fabulous time! We took so many pictures but I narrowed them down to some of the favorites...

By the time we finished up our day at the museum it was time for dinner, so we headed to Fitz's for some yummy old fashioned root beer and burgers. We also got to see the vintage bottling line in operation which happened to be making orange pop at the time.


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