22 February 2010

Snowmen Fall from Heaven Unassembled

I have always heard the saying "Snowmen fall from heaven unassembled" and actually, it's true!  They're such simple things...three balls of snow and some sticks stuck in the side.  So why on earth do I have such difficulty assembling one?!? Yes its true, I have snowman assembling issues!! I blame it on the fact that very, VERY rarely did I have the chance to learn to do this when I was a child growing up in southern California! Thank goodness for Adam who can successfully teach our son to build snowmen during his childhood!  Luckily, as a child I did play in the sand quite a bit so I am still able to build some things in the snow!  On this day Aiden and I made a snow turtle and lots of snowballs that we threw at Lilly!  The weather was mild so we were able to stay out for awhile and play...but that also meant that what we had worked so hard on didn't hang around for long.  A day or two later our turtle and the little snowman daddy made were nowhere to be found!

Mommy and Aiden's Turtle

Daddy's Snowman

Lilly girl loves the snow...Rosie not so much!

We're thankful for the snow we've had and even more thankful that there hasn't been TOO much...but we'd be REALLY thankful if Spring would finally make its appearance! We've caught Spring Fever around here and can't hardly wait to spend more time outside!

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  1. Aiden looks like he is having a blast. He is such a cutie. Bray loves it in the snow and would spend all day out there if I'd let him.